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Current Employees

Emory University, in partnership with Rental Relocation Inc. (RRI), has created a relocation program called SCORE as a benefit for new Employees. This program is now being offered at no cost to all Employees!

RRI administers hundreds of relocations each year for corporate America and you are eligible to benefit from that experience. An experienced Relocation Consultant, serving as your single-point of contact, will guide you through the entire process, show you how SCORE can help defer some of your costs, and in situations involving real estate sale or purchase, you may be eligible for a cash reward.

As a Renter, your Relocation Consultant will provide introductions to knowledgeable rental agents. These agents will assist you in navigating the various avenues of rental housing and availability from apartments, condominiums, town homes and single family homes, and, if you desire, provide education on rental vs. purchase opportunities.

As a homeowner/buyer, your participation in the SCORE program including a cash reward is dependent on the Relocation Consultant contacting origin and/or destination real estate agents before you do. We will assist you in selecting pre-screened Realtors who are the most effective for your area. If you have a "choice" Realtor who is willing to work within the parameters of the SCORE program, we will use your Realtor as long as that Realtor is not related to you.

The SCORE program services include:

  • Answering questions concerning the relocation process throughout the move.
  • Home marketing assistance at origin beginning with Realtor selection through closing to help the origin home sell faster and maximize owner equity in this changing real estate market.
  • Destination assistance beginning with Realtor selection, area information and tour through home selection and final closing. Demographic, cost of living, school, and other information is available, as well as assistance with offer, home inspection and closing.
  • Assistance with short or long-term furnished housing arrangements if necessary.
  • Mortgage pre-approvals provided to qualified buyers through national lenders with fixed closing costs and special programs for physicians and relocating employees.
  • Household goods move assistance.

Ask about other no-cost professional relocation services that you may be available to you.

The SCORE program is a cash reward program funded by the referral fees from the Realtors you select to market or purchase property – you share in their commissions. In order to ensure this reward, your Relocation Consultant must make the initial contact with the Realtors to sell your existing home or to help you search for a home at your destination. Home values must be at least $150,000. Typically, you would receive your cash reward check(s) within 30 days of closing.


  • The SCORE program is administered directly by RRI, not the Emory Human Resources Department.
  • In order to ensure the cash reward, contact the SCORE Relocation Consultant before contacting a Realtor to sell your existing home or purchase a new home.

An experienced Relocation Consultant will be assigned to you, and is available to provide assistance you may need throughout the relocation process. Our goal is to make the move for you and your family as smooth and stress free as possible.

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