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Home Marketing/New Home Purchase Assistance for New Hire and Current Employees

When you choose to use the SCORE program, your Relocation Consultant will assist in selecting pre-screened real estate agents who will be the most effective for marketing your current home and your home search in the Atlanta area.

For Homeowners who wish to sell their current home and/or purchase a home at destination, participation in the SCORE program is dependent on your Relocation Consultant contacting the origin and/or destination real estate agents before you make contact. RRI will work with an Employee "choice" Realtor who is willing to be part of the SCORE program, but your Relocation Consultant must contact the real estate agent FIRST. To get started you will need to provide the SCORE Relocation Consultant with contact information for the preferred agent of your choice.

Your Relocation Consultant will provide feedback and advocacy throughout the process of either selling your origin home or buying a new home. The experience and knowledge provided on your behalf is invaluable in todays ever changing real estate market.

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