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Why is Emory University offering this program?

Transferees are offered specific relocation benefits. Working with the SCORE program can increase your relocation dollars, providing a professional resource to handle many of the details of a family’s relocation. This creates a smoother transition and a less stressful move.

Who can participate?

While the SCORE program was designed primarily for new hire Employees relocating to the Atlanta area, the assistance of a SCORE Relocation Consultant and a cash reward is available to all personnel – new hires, employees, faculty, students, and their families.

What does SCORE program participation provide that the Realtor does not?

In addition to a cash reward, the SCORE Relocation Consultant , serving as a single-point of coordination, provides guidance through all phases of the relocation process, not just the real estate transactions: temporary furnished apartments, lenders, household goods move– one person to coordinate the entire process. Also, in this changing real estate market, the SCORE Relocation Consultant is an expert in working with the real estate agent to analyze market conditions in the origin sale neighborhood and to ensure the property is priced and marketed to its best advantage in order to realize a quick sale maximizing equity to you.

How is the program funded?

This program is funded through referral fees from the placement of business with the real estate community. If the SCORE Relocation Consultant made the original contact with the origin or destination real estate agent, a percentage of the real estate commission is paid to RRI, and a percentage of that referral fee is returned to you.

How and when is the reward typically paid?

The cash reward is paid by RRI within 30 days after our receipt of the referral check from the real estate broker, along with certain documents provided by the Relocation Consultant. NOTE: There are a few states where sharing of referral fees from real estate brokers is not permitted. Your SCORE Relocation Consultant will provide information on those areas.

What if I am not buying or selling real estate?

All services of the SCORE Relocation Consultant are provided to Renters at no charge. There is no rebate on rental transactions.

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